Agricultural Commodities Sourcing

Tuyen Sourcing Solutions is focused on trading in various Agro products in Zambia and the Region. The company has been trading and merchandising white maize, soya beans, white sorghum, wheat, sunflower and cassava and byproducts such as; maize bran, soya cake, sunflower cake, cotton cake in all major markets and to the end-users in major consumption markets. The company is strategically placed in key aspects of bulk agro commodities from importing, selling domestically, to exporting and trade in other countries.

Our team of purchasing and supply specialists takes the utmost interest in the clients’ specifications, quality needs, production processes, and demands. This level of interest ensures that the right and up to spec commodities are supplied, timely and in excellent condition. Throughout the process from source to client, the commodities are exposed to a high level of service quality control to ensure high standards of safety and health.

The Tuyen Sourcing Solutionsteam goes the extra mile to ensure its clients are supplied with high-quality commodities at good market rates, to ensure are affordable and to guarantee profitability for clients such as traders, producers, and processors.

We keep up to date information through constant contact with suppliers about commodity availability and locations, to ensure we take away the hustle from our clients of locating the commodities, purchasing and transporting them to where they are required.

If you are in need of any of these commodities or others not mentioned you can contact us on or call on +260 764121121our officers will greatly assist you!